March, 2017

Dear Friends:

Ann and I founded Grace Family Vineyards Foundation over 20 years ago. We are very proud of the Foundation’s accomplishments. We have addressed, with efficiency, the needs of our underserved sisters and brothers in America and around the world. This assistance has taken place with an emphasis on healthcare and education. It is our intention to continue to address these vital areas and we are asking for your financial assistance.  Currently our balance on hand is near an all time low of $7,000. Our comfort zone for a balance is between $100,000 to $300,000.

Education of students in the USA and the tragic earthquake in Nepal nearly 2 years ago has put an extreme strain on our finances. Twenty-one months ago we asked our supporters to assist us in the rebuilding of structures and lives in Nepal.  Our plea resulted in $126,000 donated to the Foundation of which $121,000 went directly to people affected by the quake. In other words less than $5,000 was used for administrative costs. Therefore, over 96 percent went to assisting those directly affected by the quake. The monies went to tent manufactures, lumber suppliers, water filtration systems, and electrical and plumbing contractors. Over 600,000 homes were destroyed and there were countless numbers of people injured or killed.  I will be making my 5th post earthquake trip to Nepal this month.

We are currently assisting various organizations like, the Boy Scouts of America (after the adoption of their new standards for gay men), Future Farmers of America, and specific students seeking higher education. From a young Saint Helena Mexican man, who qualifies as a Dreamer, and just completed Columbia School of Journalism at the top of his class and is now working at ABC TV, to three Mexican women from the Napa Valley seeking higher education in the fields of Enology and Viticulture, to four Tibetan women who have all graduated from US Universities and are now gainfully employed in productive careers. Our reach has been broad.

We have raised tens of millions of dollars for various charities at wine auctions and to be candid I am often conflicted when I see a single lot from one of those auctions go for more than the entire budget of the Grace Family Vineyards Foundation for a complete year.

I ask you to be generous to our Foundation, so that we might continue our work in 2017 and beyond. We are hoping for significant contributions so that we might achieve our fore mentioned comfort zone. Grace Family Vineyards Foundation is a 501c3 and all donations come along with tax deductions.

Ann and I thank you in advance for the consideration of this request and assure you that the funds will be used efficiently in an effort to move us towards a more just, harmonious and peaceful world.

You may use PayPal (button in left column) to make a contribution or you may send a check to Grace Family Vineyards Foundation at 1210 Rockland Drive, St. Helena CA 94574.


Ann and Dick Grace